Terms & Conditions.

The following information relates to use of our online payment system. Together, they form the Aquassist Ltd Terms and Conditions. If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions, please do not use our online payment systems.
This site is owned and operated by Aquassist Ltd: Head office - 85 Aylestone Hill, Hereford. HR1 1HX. We reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time without notice to you and you agree to be bound by any such changes in your subsequent use of the Site. This facility is provided for the online payment of services available through this website provided by Aquassist Ltd using the secure payment gateway provided by PayPal.


When enquiring about the cost of a septic system service, a representative of Aquassist Ltd will at all times quote our FULL PRICE for the service requested along with our 'BEST PRICE' achievable as follows:
PAYING WITHIN THESE TERMS PROVIDED : OVERVIEW : The 'FULL PRICE' (including VAT where applicable) is the price of the septic system service provided by Aquassist Ltd. The 'FULL PRICE' is clearly indicated to the customer at the point of enquiry or quotation along with the 'BEST PRICE' achievable under these terms and conditions. The 'BEST PRICE' is the price offered following the maximum discount available but other lesser discounts are also available depending on how and when a customer pays Aquassist Ltd, subject to these terms. The 'BEST PRICE' and other related discounts described herein are ONLY available to NEW & EXISTING customers who request 'Septic Tank Emptying and/or directly associated services'. Aquassist offers these discounts described herein so as to decrease administration and to promote prompt payments using the following incentives:

  SAVE £15.00 If paying by cheque OR by Bank Transfer then, you pay FULL PRICE less £15.00 resulting in the BEST PRICE !
  SAVE £10.00 If you are PAYING by PayPal or credit/debit card, via this website ONLY then, you pay FULL PRICE less £10.00 !

  SAVE £10.00 If you are PAYING either by cheque OR by Bank Transfer only then, you pay FULL PRICE less £10.00 !
  SAVE £5.00 If you are PAYING by PayPal or credit/debit card via this website ONLY then, you pay FULL PRICE less £5.00 !

These discounts above are available only if paying your WORKSHEET within 7 days (5 working days) from completion of the works OR paying your INVOICE within the 7 day terms provided from receipt of your invoice (5 working days). Where applicable and possible, an invoice will be emailed. When an invoice is required to be posted then receipt of the invoice shall be deemed to be received 3 working days following posting out. At any given time with these terms provided herein, only one of the above discounts applies depending on how you wish to pay: WARNING: Any under-payment or incorrect application of a discount may result in a further administration fee of £25 so if you are unsure which applies to you or if you are still paying within the terms provided then please contact us to discuss BEFORE you use the secure payment gateway provided by PayPal within this website - thank you.

PAYMENTS NOT RECEIVED WITHIN THESE TERMS : If payment is still NOT then received within 7 working days from the issue/receipt of an invoice then, the price will revert to the FULL PRICE indicated and further terms & conditions will apply as follows: Aquassist Ltd reserves the right to apply reasonable daily interest charges and administration charges; legal or otherwise, as it attempts to collect any outstanding amounts due. All discounts described herein are entirely at the discretion of Aquassist Ltd when these terms herein have been breached by the customer.

METHODS OF PAYMENT : To PAY by Bank Transfer: All you need is our bank details and your invoice number reference. Our bank details are as follows: Bank - National Westminster Bank Account No. - 55082742 Sort Code - 53-50-41 Reference - (your invoice number) To PAY by Cheque: Make cheques out to 'Aquassist Ltd' and address to 'Aquassist Ltd', 85 Aylestone Hill, Hereford. HR1 1HX. To PAY via PayPal, credit/debit card: Please CLICK HERE . . . . thank you. For any queries or clarification in this regard, please contact disposal@aquassist.co.uk.

Security & Privacy

We take the security of your personal information and your payment very seriously.
To ensure your security and privacy, we use online credit card processing facilities provided by PayPal. This facility is independent and allows you to purchase specific, pre-defined septic system emptying and jetting services only using either an existing or newly created PayPal account or by credit or debit card without a PayPal account. Full details of the Terms and conditions applicable and payment security offered by using the PayPal secure payment gateway can be found by visiting https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/paypal-safety-and-security. Your online payment will take place in real time, and Aquassist Ltd will never see your credit card details. You can thus have complete confidence that the online payment facility provided by PayPal is independent, secure and safe to use. Customers should make sure that any contact information they provide is correct before proceeding to the final payment process. Failure to provide the correct details could delay the credit of your payment to your account with us and/or delay the provision of the service that you request. If for whatever reason you do not receive any contact from Aquassist Ltd within 5 working days from the purchase of a service, please contact disposal@aquassist.co.uk.

Delivery of Goods and Services

This website is intended primarily for customers to PURCHASE (coming soon) and/or BOOK a septic system empty and/or other associated service.
Where a septic system service is purchased via this website (coming soon), payment will be deemed to be for services yet to be provided. Booking an appointment will be deemed as expressing your desired appointment preference and is yet to be confirmed by Aquassist. Under these circumstances, Aquassist intends to communicate and agree with you, a suitable appointment but in certain circumstances further conditions may apply.

Any payment in advance and/or appointment preference submitted relates to an item, service or booking preference that has not yet been delivered or agreed to: Where a service is purchased via this website (coming soon) you will be notified by email with a receipt for payment from PayPal (where applicable) and Aquassist Ltd will also be notified by PayPal in real time. Following this payment and/or your booking submission, a member of the team will then contact you to arrange a suitable appointment where applicable, no later than 3 working days from receipt of your payment or booking submission. Where appropriate within this website, it is important to select the correct service for your needs. Aquassist Ltd will endeavour to meet your requirement fully and whilst Aquassist Ltd attempts to provide a satisfactory outcome for all service requests purchased (coming soon) or submitted via the booking form through this website and will adjust to provide a satisfactory solution whereby, any genuine selection anomalies or re-scheduling request are made (giving sufficient notice) are encountered. However, it cannot be held responsible for any purchase made (coming soon) or any booking submission that later is agreed to whereby it becomes later apparent that the service requested cannot be provided for any reasons beyond our control and so whilst we can refund on such occasions at our discretion, there may be circumstances such as 'ACCESS' or any other reasonable reason whereby our minimum callout charge and/or administration charges MAY apply (please also read our 'IMPORTANT NOTES ON ACCESS and/or our Cancellation policy below). If you are in any doubt as to whether the service that you wish to purchase (coming soon) may NOT be 100% suitable for your requirements OR if you are unsure regarding suitable unhindered access to your property or your septic system then, please contact Aquassist Ltd using one of the many contact options available within this website BEFORE you make a purchase OR indicate your uncertainty during the booking submission process - we are here to assist and discuss. Once any service purchased has been completed to your satisfaction, you will be notified by email. Once again, if for whatever reason you do not receive any contact from Aquassist Ltd within 3 working days from the purchase of a service (coming soon) and/or your submission of the booking request form via this website, then please contact  disposal@aquassist.co.uk and we will endeavour to reach a mutually satisfactory conclusion with you.

Finally, unhindered access must be available to both your property and to the septic system itself in order for Aquassist to provide the request service and under any such reasonable circumstances whereby Aquassist Ltd is limited, hindered, abused or threatened and therefore unable to carry out and/or complete the requested service then, Aquassist must reserve the right to apply its minimum callout and/or administration charges; at its discretion and whether or not an appointment can or cannot be re-scheduled, as similarly described next and in the 'Cancellation Policy' section below.

ACCESS IS IMPORTANT: We must be able to access you property and the septic system without hindrance . . .
Unencumbered access to the system is of course important to allow Aquassist to carry out and complete the service requested, booked and/or paid for in advance. This means that we must be able to carry out the requested works without unnecessary delays or obstructions, without danger or threat of injury to our employees, to our vehicles or to any of our company property from animals, people, equipment or structures whilst attending your property as we attempt to provide the service requested, booked or paid for in advance. Representatives of Aquassist must be able to access your property using a standard sized Vacuum Tanker or a mini vacuum tanker. We must be able to park on hard standing/ground whereby the septic system cannot be any further away than 50m for emptying (30m if system is uphill from the vehicle) or 25m for high pressure jetting tasks. Under these circumstances it is the customer's responsibility to inform Aquassist of such limitation ahead of any appointment so that we can attempt to accommodate your special requirements. If you have had a regular size vacuum tanker attend your septic system in the past and without issue then please go ahead and request a booking and/or pay for the service (coming soon) you require. However, if you are uncertain about any of this then please contact Aquassist separately via any of the communication options available, by indicating clearly any special requirements during the booking request submission form and BEFORE you purchase as minimum callout and/or administration charge MAY apply at the discretion of Aquassist: If Aquassist is unable to carry out the requested task for any reasonable reason such as access, locked gates or lids, danger posed from animals, abuse of any kind or for any other unreasonable restriction or for any reasonable reason not disclosed then, Aquassist Ltd reserves the right to apply its minimum callout fee and any reasonable administration charges as described throughout these terms and conditions - thank you.

Out of Hours surcharges

Where an appointment is requested to take place out of normal working hours which are 8am-6pm, Mon-Fri (excluding Bank holidays) then, Aquassist reserves the right to apply a reasonable surcharge of up to a maximum of 50% of the FULL PRICE and up to 100% of the FULL PRICE for Bank Holidays, at its discretion.
Aquassist Ltd works hard to provide the best services possible and at the right price point for its new and repeat customers and experience shows that, it is unusual for septic tank emptying or other associated works to be requested or to be carried out, outside of normal working hours, 8am-6pm, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays) except in exceptional emergency circumstances. However, in some circumstances where out of hours works is unavoidable then under these circumstances, works required to be undertaken outside of normal working hours MAY incur an additional surcharge of up to 50% before VAT (where VAT is applicable). Any customer request that may result in an 'out of hours' surcharge will be clearly communicated to the customer and the customer will be offered an alternative arrangement where appropriate to avoid such charging. Where there is no alternative available, Aquassist may negotiate or waive any surcharge applicable at its discretion. Where Aquassist invites the customer and the customer agrees to allow works to take place 'out of normal hours' then there would be no surcharging applied. Works required by the customer to be carried out on a Bank Holiday will incur up to 100% surcharge before VAT (where VAT is applicable) at our discretion. Works required to be carried out on a Sunday will incur a surcharge of 50% before VAT (where VAT is applicable). All other levels of Surcharging in relation to 'out of hours' work are entirely at the discretion of Aquassist Ltd and Aquassist reserves the right to adjust these surcharges reasonably within these terms and conditions from time to time and without notice. In all of these circumstances, the final price offered and/or agreed to will be conveyed clearly and you will have the chance to decide if it is better to WAIT for the works to be carried out WITHIN normal working hours - thank you.

Complaints/Refunds policy

Any customer complaints should in the first instance be addressed to disposal@aquassist.co.uk . . .
. . . or you can write to our head office: Aquassist Ltd, 85 Aylestone Hill, Hereford. HR1 1HX f.a.o: Mr P. J. Kelly - Customer Support. If we receive a complaint regarding our online payment service we will adhere to the following guidelines: All complaints received are acknowledged via email or in writing to your postal address provided during the purchase procedure and will be dealt with in the strictest confidence. If Aquassist Ltd is unable to complete the requested service within 10 working days from the request then we offer to refund your payment in full if requested to do so or we will continue to schedule an alternative appointment with your approval. Once again, if for whatever reason you do not receive any contact from Aquassist Ltd within 5 working days from the purchase of a service, then please contact disposal@aquassist.co.uk and we will endeavour to reach a mutually satisfactory conclusion with no fuss! Whatever the situation, we aim to resolve any complaint and reach a mutually acceptable outcome for both parties within 5 working days from receipt of any complaint and our terms and conditions do not affect your statutory consumer rights.

Cancellation Policy

For logistical reasons and/or avoidance of reasonable charges being applied, any service BOOKED and/or paid for in advance (coming soon) that is cancelled MUST be communicated by contacting head office on 01432 353888 or by email, within office hours (8-5pm, Mon-Fri, excluding bank holidays) on the working day PRIOR to the day that the scheduled service is due to take place and where such a service is paid for in advance, reasonable administration charges may also be applied where applicable and ahead of any refund due.
CANCELLING A BOOKED/SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT: If notice of cancellation of a service BOOKED through this website or by any other means, is received without giving enough notice as described within these Terms and Conditions then, Aquassist Ltd reserves the right to charge a minimum callout fee of £100.00 plus VAT and where applicable may charge an additional, minimum administration fee of £20.00 plus VAT along with any other reasonable costs incurred as it then attempts to recover the amount subsequently invoiced for and any costs applicable. Therefore, whether you are BOOKING or BUYING (coming soon) a service provided by Aquassist Ltd via this website or by any other communication method, it is IMPORTANT that you ensure that PLENTY OF NOTICE IS GIVEN to Aquassist Ltd if you intend to cancel the service that was requested, booked or paid for in advance, if you wish to avoid such reasonable charges being attributed - thank you. Where minimum call out fees and/or administration fees apply then, you will be subsequently invoiced and given terms of 30days from receipt of invoice to pay the amount due . . . . PLEASE GIVE PLENTY OF NOTICE IF YOU NEED TO CANCEL A BOOKING

CANCELLING A BOOKING PURCHASED IN ADVANCE AND GIVING ENOUGH NOTICE (coming soon): If a service purchased through this website (coming soon) is to be cancelled by the customer AND the service is no longer required to be re-scheduled OR even if a service IS still required to be re-scheduled, then notice must be given within office hours (8-5pm, Mon-Fri, excluding bank holidays) on the working day PRIOR to the day of the scheduled appointment and under these circumstances, Aquassist Ltd reserves the right to charge a minimum administration charge of £20.00 plus VAT to cover the cost of administration, before any refund is issued and under such circumstances Aquassist Ltd will refund the remaining balance due within 5 working days from receipt of your verbal or written cancellation request.

CANCELLING A BOOKING PURCHASED IN ADVANCE WITHOUT GIVING THE REQUIRED NOTICE (coming soon): If notice of cancellation of a service purchased through this website (coming soon) is received giving LESS than the notice described (except in exceptional circumstances) then, Aquassist Ltd reserves the right to charge an additional, minimum callout fee of £100.00 plus VAT and where applicable may charge any other reasonable costs incurred as it attempts to recoup amounts subsequently invoiced for. However, any minimum callout fee and/or administration charges that amount to more than the original amount of a service that is booked and paid for in advance via this website or via any other means, will not exceed the original amount and will not be invoiced but will cancel out the original value of the service meaning that no further monies will be due.

CANCELLATION by AQUASSIST LTD: Aquassist provides EMERGENCY SERVICES to its domestic and corporate client base and is required from time to time to re-schedule a booked service with the customer to a mutually acceptable date. In such circumstances where the customer has paid for a service such as 'septic tank emptying' in advance (coming soon through this website) and as a result of the re-scheduling request the customer no longer wishes to engage our services then, Aquassist will refund the full amount without any quibble, without any charges being applied and in full within 5 working days.

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