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Septic DRAIN-FIELDS & SOAK-AWAYS : Installations, repairs & jetting services.
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We survey, maintain, repair, supply & install drainage systems.
We use CCTV cameras and drain jetting equipment to explore & resolve issues. We service, maintain & install pump stations, pumps, motors and other septic system components.
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False Economy or Neglect ?
Quite often as a result of not emptying the septic tank often enough, solids begin to PACK the soak-away or drainage system and so 'smelly overflows' (pollution) begins to occur. If left for extreme lengths of time, then even high pressure jetting alone, may not resolve soak-away or septic drainage issues & a solution may be very costly indeed. The same situation can occur if a septic system pump or motor is left un-noticed and is not functioning: It is a good idea to check these systems regularly.

What could be the 'root cause'?
Sometimes, tree and shrub roots can break though the pipework and so cause damage & blockages. When this happens, the soak-away pipes need to be exposed using a mini digger, sometimes across precious gardens. The damaged pipes usually need to be replaced, the roots cropped well away and offending trees removed. Sometimes, hedges, shrubs or even trees need to be removed to prevent future damage OR the soak-away needs to be relocated altogether. All of this can be time consuming and again can be costly: Not everyone has a large enough space: Limited access for necessary machinery can also increase costs greatly. Always consider your soak-away when planting and avoid placing trees or large shrubs nearby.

How about insurance solutions ?
For root ingress and some other drainage or soak-away issues, sometimes your home or buildings insurance policy may cover the costs of necessary works. Talk to your insurance company to see how they can help. We can work together to get a solution. Learn more about how your septic system should work and avoid these issues altogether.

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